Sweet Home Athabasca

“Sweet Home Athabasca”  (Piano intro: px of Stephen Harper playing piano from Beatles tribute)


Truck tires keep on churnin’  (big earth mover tires w human scale)

Got my paycheck For the Win (Suncor pay stub)

Flingin’ dirt around the Oil-Land (Burtynsky like landscape)

I love Alberta and its kin’ (Alberta coat of arms)

And it ain’t no sin, no… (Fort Mac welcome sign)


Well I heard Mister Young rant about her  (px Neil one – from 70s)

And I heard ole Neil slag ‘er down (Neil pic two – w Jian Gomeshi)

Well, I hope Neil Young will remember (Neil snarling)

CBC don’t come in up here, anyhow (CBC logo)


Sweet home Athabasca (scenic pic of river)

Where the skies are so blue (panoramic shot of wheat fields)

Sweet Home Athabasca (another river pic with Fort Mac in foreground)

Rivers runnin’ black with crude (seepage into river)


In Edmonton they love the Tories (boo, boo, boo) (Redford pic)

And even down in Cowtown, too (skyline of Calgary)

Now oil sands do not bother me  (trucker guy shrugs shoulders)

Does your mortgage bother you? (ugly tract homes with ‘sold’ real estate sign)

(Tell the truth)


Sweet home Athabasca

Where the ice is so blue (winter pic)

Sweet Home Athabasca

Tons of oil left to use (dig, baby, dig!)… (Chinese pollution shot)


Now Edmonton has got the Oilers (Oilers logo)

And they have won a Cup or two (Wayne and the Cup)

But was back in the Eighties (long hair shag cut)

With Wayne and Coff and Mess and Fuhr (quick montage of these four Oilers)

(A wreckin’ crew) (shot of Gretzky scoring over Flames)


Sweet home Athabasca (another Fort Mac image)

Land of macho tatto’d dude (self explanatory)

Sweet Home Athabasca (traffic jam downtown)

Get rich then I gotta move (U-Haul trailer with NFLD plates)


Sweet home Athabasca

Where the turf is so chewed (another Burtynsky like shot)

(And the money is lewd) – (strip bar in Fort Mac)

Sweet Home Athabasca

Lord, I’m proud to give my youth… (some guy with his wife and 3 kids)



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