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It’s a gas, gas, Gastown

December 16, 2011
Last week, I got together with a few ski buddies at the Irish Heatherpub over on Carrall Street in Vancouver’s Gastown.

I don’t get downtown much (something about that $6 per hour parking) – but Gastown is morphing from crappy gift shops to manly restaurants like Salt, Peckinpah’s, and Pourhouse, where we went last year.
Big Ol’ Mike Ball had a ‘tongue sandwich’ while I deferred to meatloaf (delicious) washed down with a pint of Kilkenny. After the five of us solved the Euro debt crisis, global warming, and what to buy our wives for Xmas (I told one of the guys that the Georgie Awards were happening this week, and that they had a category of ‘best kitchen reno OVER $100K, and that Garage Sale Frank might want to enter next year).
Three of the lads are heading up to Whistler Blackcomb for a Dave Murray Racing Camp. (Which the WB website tells me is the longest running ski camp in North America. The mere thought of running gates sends my flabby calves and quads into convulsions.

Afterwards, Garage Sale Frank asked me if I wanted to hit Costco and I demurred, “I want to see these funny clothing stores around here that sell Japanese designed Levis for $250.”

“Hell, you can get Levis for $30 at Costco,” he replied. An aside: I let my Sally Ann/consignment store combing wife buy my jeans, and she seldom pays more than $5).

I’m happy to report that I did find some “stiff denim” Levis for sale at Rodan and Gray, knocked down from $250 to $200 a pair. Pre-washed distressed denims were there, too. But from what the style blogs say, you want the stiff ones that give your legs goosebumps until you have hand washed them in fabric softener and line dried them at least a half dozen times. Don’t forget to roll up the pantleg, that’s crucial to the look.
Accountant Rawn, who also attended – likes flashy shoes. The Stussy store had these outrageous Native shoes made here in Canada that he should DEFINITELY wear on casual Fridays.  I bought Cameron a Stussy gingham check shirt for Christmas with all the dough that I saved on lunch when Frank and Starek Nekkid picked up the tab. My favourite item was what I call the “The Spider Sabich US Ski Team Memorial Toque.” There was a great story about Sabich in last month’s POWDER by Matt Hansen. The US team sported these toques back in the early 70s – the pre-helmet days.
I spent about a half hour in Inventory next door to Stussy. Now, THAT is a dangerous place. They have the Veilance Gore-Tex Field Jacket for Dead Bird for $995. And to think I could have got one for $125 last year. Damn. Then, there were these Red Wing Pecos boots that were to die for. The staff guy was far more enamored with his Macbook than engaging in any product conversation. Maybe my Icebreaker Mayfair wasn’t hip enough for him. Like, it wasn’t like there were any customers in the store. Though later, I did notice some poseur in their with hair like Flock of Seagulls, so there you go.
On a final note, Garage Sale Frank was rocking some facial hair, not unlike that piece of shit Justin Trudeau. (er, no, he CALLED someone a piece of shit…).

My style guy in the T-Dot, Mr Chris Nuttall-Smith weighed in on that in yesterday’s Globe. I went snowboarding with Justin Trudeau up at Big White, once – he was there for the Canadian Avalanche Association fundraiser.
Finally, the day ended with news of the death of Christopher Hitchens, who I’m sure didn’t ski, but who would have been one hell of a conversationalist if you ever rode up ‘single’ with him. (On the other hand, he might have pushed you off the lift if you disagreed with him.
RIP, Mr Hitchens – some famous last words in the current Vanity Fair from a guy who truly lived life on his own terms. Just like a lot of skiers do.