You never forget your first POWDER…

It’s September 1, and somewhere in Vancouver, quite likely at a specialty magazine outlet like McNews on the North Shore, the Powder Magazine Buyer’s Guide is waiting for my grubby hands to grab it from the shelf and greedily devour it from cover to cover. This is Powder’s 40th anniversary, and I’m expecting big things from Derek Taylor and his esteemed contributors.

Like the Clash, Powder is ‘the only magazine that matters’ to most of us — including ones like, say, Ski Canada, who I’ve managed to extorts thousands of dollars from over the years as a contributing writer. I’ve contributed to Powder, too, though not as often as I’d like to. Truth is, you have to be a the leading edge of ski culture (not to mention ‘in’ with the bros and pros who chase big storms and bigger lines all over the world.

I just went down to one of my storage closets to grab the very first issue of Powder that I ever purchased, Volume 3, Number 2. (1975). I lived in Ontario at the time and came across this very obscure publication sometime in late summer of that year at a place called Chapman’s Variety Store in Kincardine, Ontario. I also religiously read SKI and SKIING, but Powder, well, this was something else, again.  The cover (alas, it was torn a few years ago) shows none other than Wayne Wong, rippin’ an untouched bowl of powder with his mouth wide open, saying ‘aaahhh…’ “The Portfolio of the Other Ski Experience” was the tag-line on the Contents page. Well, forty years later, they’ve still got that part right.

As the ski season progresses, I’ll be perusing Powder on a regular basis and tossing a few comments out there. (They also have a great Facebook page, and every Friday they dig into their vaults and scan a Classic Cover.) My subscription lapsed last year and I didn’t renew because I was sick and tired of getting it three weeks after it reached the newsstands. Because, as everyone knows, Powder waits for no one…

How did you discover Powder magazine?


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