Deep Winter Photo Challenge Well Named…

OK, we’re entering the middle of what, the fourth major storm cycle of the year for Whistler Blackcomb, or the fifth? Kinda losing count, here. Anyway, one of the most creative mountain festivals takes place this weekend, and that’s the 5th annual Deep Winter Photo Challenge. This one is truly for insomniac image-makers who love nothing better than slaving over a hot Mac and manipulating images and music at 4:00 am. The deal is this: During the Deep Winter Photo Challenge, professional photographers shoot in-bounds at Whistler Blackcomb for three days capturing athletes in their natural mountain habitat of powder filled bowls, trees, and après bars. Then, the photographer has to go back, edit all the images, set up a groovy soundtrack, and compress it all into a five minute or so show. Words really don’t do it justice – simply watch excerpts from last year’s entry by renowned Whistler shooter Paul Morrison and his wise-ass son Ian. (Hmm, in trying to bring up a link for Paulie’s photography, I see that there is ANOTHER relatively renowned photographer named Paul Morrison!). These five photographers include Whistler heavyweight Blake Jorgenson, but no, he cannot use a sled to access terrain so Blake may find that somewhat limiting…)

Presented by my employer Arc’teryx, this event will sell out (maybe it already has) and with tons of snow falling on Whistler in the past two days, will surely stoke your soul for the rest of the winter.


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