La Nina in Da House… West rocks out with early season blower…

We all have our favourite bumper stickers. Mine fave – I think it originated in Fernie – is I HEART BIG DUMPS! And I do. And right now, across the western USA, all the way up into the Interior of British Columbia, it is puking. Pix from Silverton, Steamboat, Jackson, Alta, Whitefish, Whistler, Sun Peaks, Silver Star, it’s going off, just like the meteorologists said it would! Virtually every major resort in the West will be  open in time for US Thanksgiving next weekend, and from the looks of it, conditions are, like White Planet author Leslie Anthony sez, ‘it’s all-time!’ Late today, through the miracle that is Facebook, a beauty of a Vimeo segment dropped on the Black Diamond website that features one of the Pettit brothers – the elder Callum, who is shredding pow in BC and Alagna, IT, in this unbelievable footage with a PINK FLOYD soundtrack… I have never seen people so stoked for the season… “Waiting for Someone or Something to Show You The Way…”


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