The Big Week of JD Hare…

I must confess, three days ago I wasn’t quite sure exactly who JD Hare was. Did he live in Bralorne, or Breckenridge? I’d seen his name in a few mags, but for the life of me couldn’t tell you if he was a jibber, a racer, or a porn (ski) star. Turns out he’s not really any of the above. However, drawn by the bold cover line “Return of the Extreme Skier” in the newest issue of Powder (with the tantalizing sub-title ‘Tantalus First Descent)’ – I now know. JD Hare is an extreme skier. Or, well, a damned fine ski mountaineer. And one thing led to another – on Tuesday, the new issue of Mountain Life dropped at Arc’teryx world headquarters, and there was another story about JD Hare – this one a first person account. Then today, Patagonia posted some sweet POV from – you guessed it – JD Hare skiing the “Ivory Shoulder” on Mount Alpha. Piecing all three of these stories together, it turns out that Hare pushed hard for a day in the Tantalus Range last spring and came away with not one, but two epic descents. The second of these – the Middle Earth Couloir – ended with a epic triple-rapp in pitch-black darkness. I’m not really sure if Hare skied any more runs in the Tantalus or if he has sworn off big mountain skiing entirely, but I do know this – he got EPIC coverage from one day in the rowdiest mountain range in southwestern BC. Channeling earlier conquests by the likes of Eric Pehota, John Chilton, and Pete The Swede Mattson,we sure as hell know who JD Hare is now…


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