All They Can. Rocky Mountain Sherpas Teaser Lands…

Apparently, even Canmore-based videographer Dave Mossop of the Rocky Mountain Sherpas was nervous about the teaser for next year’s enviro/ski documentary All. I. Can. making its premiere on the website. (Disclosure: I work for Arc’teryx). And in a way, a case of the jitters is understandable. When you’ve put as much work into just a six-minute teaser as Mossop and his crew have put into the incredibly kinetic kaleidoscope of imagery that the Sherpas have, you are setting the bar ridONKUlously high for what a full-length feature film might look like. The teaser, as you’ll see, is completely breathtaking. It’s as though Jordan Manley‘s still photography was crossed with that of landscape artist Edward Burtynsky, with super-sweet doses of time-lapse photography thrown in for good measure. The Sherpas, whose track record basically is only one film – an innovative avy educational video called The Fine Line – obviously are driven beyond the usual ski porn and into the realm of creating a higher message about the environmental future of the Earth. After viewing the teaser, I have only three comments: 1) don’t be afraid to make the movie too short – it doesn’t need to be 75 minutes long or whatever – even half that length will do just fine – 2) keep the athlete commentary to a minimum – big mountain landscapes render even the most articulate writers speechless, so let the images carry the show and 3) pay the money to get some top flight Canadian bands in there on the soundtrack – Plants & Animals, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Joel Plaskett… hell, even some Gordon Downie Jr. Or even under the radar bands like Said the Whale and Rural Alberta Advantage. Well, today’s blog is over.  Gotta watch that teaser, again.


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