Turkey Sale trip to Whistler, and another WB feature

Just got back from a quick day trip to Whistler, where the `legendary`Turkey Sale of used, rental, and discontinued gear was taking place. Wasn`t quite as lined up as I`ve seen in the past, but there were certainly deals to be had. I picked up a VANOC padded ski bag (a nice, if not belated, souvenir of the 2010 Winter Games – for $10! (List price: $70). Garage Sale Frank bought some Salomon DH boards for $50 – don`t ask me why – while I actually unloaded a couple of pairs of skis and was more than happy to turn over the 20 percent commish to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club.

Dropped in to the Escape Route, where shoppers were busy loading up on half price clothing from Arc`teryx, Icebreaker, and Patagonia. We Canadians love our bargains!

Also squeezed in a great moutain bike ride down the switchbacks on Binty`s High Trail – which was in outstanding condition. At one point, the trail was completely carpeted by yellow leaves. (Sorry, no pix). Eat your heart out, Utah and Colorado.

There was tons happening this weekend with the TGR presentation `Light the Wick`and an apparently really solid new bike movie called Life Cycles by some new film crew (Stance Films) out of the Kootenays. (Is everybody in the Kootenays a filmmaker… just asking!)

Another observation: Resort Muni of Whistler and ITW again owe a huge debt to Australia, whose booming resource-related economy is driving its young people to work at Whistler for their `gap year.`- Cheery smiles and nasally accents all over the place.

A superb story on Intrawest and WB hits the stands this week in Canadian Business magazine. I`ll have some comments on it tomorrow, but reporter Mike McCullough (disclosure: he`s a friend and former business partner) – has done a hell of a job and brought some new voices to the conversation who haven`t been heard from, yet.

I also got some very cool news about ski touring in the Spearhead Range that I`ll be investigating at some point.


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