DEEPER… and steeper – on splitboards!

Just got back from a special screening of the new Jeremy Jones/TGR movie, DEEPER. And without spoiling the ending (not that there really is one), DEEPER is the best winter sports documentary I’ve seen since Christian Begin‘s LocoMotion in the early 90s. Jones, who was once a star team rider for Burton before striking off on his own – quite literally – put two years of time and effort into producing a truly astonishing big mountain feature length movie where all of the footage (well, all that we can tell) was filmed by skiers and cameramen getting around under their own steam. And not just in one location, either – DEEPER goes to the Sierra Nevada, Antarctica, Chamonix, AK (twice) with a stop at Donner Pass for some of the truly deepest pow snowboard footage (caught on sweet helmet/POV cams) I’ve ever seen. The AK spine riding and ultra-steep Cham lines are breathtaking; and though I know that Arc’teryx athlete Eric Hjorleifson is trying to up the ante in the backcountry for big mountain skiers, fJeremy Jones has clearly thrown down the gauntlet and has made an adventure movie for the ages. On one plank or two, it’s hard to imagine anyone riding steeper, more fluted spines than those in the Fairweather Range in the final seggy. And lest you think it’s all fun and games, you’ll be gouging your eyes out when the lads get stormed in for TWELVE days near Haines, AK. Those park pussies would be heading crying into their IPhones after Day 3. Then again, so would I… Well worth a watch – **** on the action sports rating system…


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