Just when you think you’ve seen every promo, contest, etc…

Along comes, well, Red Bull – to show you that there in fact ARE some ideas that have yet to be fully explored in the action sports world. And to think it was all filmed in Australia – though top riders like Salomon‘s Bobby Brown and Simon Dumont are in attendance. I can’t even begin to explain it, so I’ll leave it to the folks at Red Bull. :

Melbourne-based installation artists ENESS bring a new perspective to action sports by fusing interactive art with skiers and snowboarders flying through the air. To achieve this spectacle a 21’ inflatable sphere hovered between the hits as proprietary software mapped 3D visuals onto the snow and sphere. Riders were tracked via an infrared camera as they flew through the air.

I am NOT a fan of their energy drinks, I don’t think that they should be marketing to minors (a la tobacco companies), but without doubt they do the most creative special events out there.   Though – haha – didn’t Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead once ‘project’ psychedelic movies onto the stage when they were playing? Off The Planet is truly off the hook when it comes to creativity. I’m betting this thing goes pretty viral over the next 48 hours…


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