Lazarus resorts – Tamarack, Elk Meadows, back from dead?

Just a short post tonight with respect to a couple of interesting news items from the past week. Though the recession is hammering the mountain states hard, it’s surprising to hear that both Tamarack Resort in ID and Elk Meadows in UT will be operating this winter, according to Ski Area Management‘s website.

What’s happening in both of these cases – primarily Tamarack’s – is that people with deep pockets (yes, there are still wealthy Americans out there) are getting together to make skiing happen at resorts that might otherwise have been forgotten.Interesting to note that Elk Meadows had been valued at $5M, and sold for just under $2.0M. As a no-frills, no-snowmaking kind of place, it’s at the other end of the spectrum from Tamarack, which was going to really be the Next Big Thing, well, after the Yellowstone Club, at any rate. Still, what’s happening at Tamarack is truly remarkable – a group of homeowners getting together to hire 65 staff that will open the mountain from Thursdays – Sundays for 15 weeks this year (can you say “big pow Thursday??”) Season’s passes are on sale for $199 per person – I’ll bet that will get noticed down in Boise.

Clearly, these are homeowners who have already likely lost a ton of money on their vacation homes and want to keep the dream alive. Well, bravo for them and I hope it all works out.  I don’t think you’d be able to get together a bunch of dirtbags to do the same thing…


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