Keeping it short and sweet – new Arc’ video

(Personal disclosure: blog poster is an employee of Arc’teryx Ltd and this blog is strictly personal commentary).

An ex-girlfriend of mine once told me that she was a huge fan of ‘short art.’ And while every freeskier and mountain biker worth his Hero POV can post their exploits directly to YouTube or Vimeo, putting together a short story from dozens of hours of footage truly requires a strong focus and attention to detail. Maybe it says something about my attention span, but I have to say I tune out of a lot of the ski/surf/bike porn stuff at about the one minute mark.

Doubtless a lot more crazy s**t went down on Chad Sayers’s and Jordan Manley‘s adventure to Gulmarg, Kashmir than their five-minute video that was posted yesterday on the Arc’teryx website. I came away impressed by three things: Manley’s video vision is every bit as stellar as his still photo work; secondly, the duo made the best of what truly looked like sketchy conditions; and finally – this is the best part – I actually wanted to see and learn more about exploring India with these guys. But I won’t… their next stop is La Grave, France.

The outdoor adventure media biz has been well-served by docs from Fitz Cahall (The Season, Dirtbag Diaries) and of course Mike Douglas does an excellent job with his Salomon Freeski TV segments.

A somewhat broader issue/challenge that this presents for sports marketers might be well do these clips of your sponsored athletes fit in with your brand? Whistler/Montreal based Origin Design gives the proverbial ‘two thumbs up’ to the Arc’teryx team on their Facebook page today.

Fellow outdoor blogger/media guy Steve Casimiro ferrets out some of the best stuff on The Adventure Life website; bookmark it and follow him on Facebook, too.


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