Oly Blog – Whistler, Men’s DH, etc…

Oly Blog, Days 3 and 4…
A Baker’s Dozen Observations:
1) ALL of the racers who negotiated Whistler’s Oly DH course with its tricky snow conditions and seriously fast turns. Manny and Robbie REALLY went for it, but their enthusiasm may have been too much. My prediction? An Eric Guay medal in Super G. And how will Lindsey Vonn ski?
2) Maelle Ricker – Mike McCullough reminded me that we ran a story about her in COAST magazine when she was 16. I went back into the stacks to see if I could find it, but could not. It was in a cover feature called “The Year Boarding Broke” in 1995. Today, CTV breathlessly announced that she was “the new face of Canadian snowboarding.” Yep, ‘new’ alright.
3) VANOC is taking heat from international media for all kinds of logistical snafus but the standing room only controversy is truly the worst. Why a viewing platform wasn’t built is beyond me. These people (and I’m one of them) have been ripped off, plain and simple.
4) After two trips up there, I have to say… you have NO IDEA how big the production is at Cypress. No, they could NEVER have moved the Games to the interior. And, I’ve got to say, the courses have held up remarkably well. Huge props to Tim Gayda’s crew for getting these events off.
5) Still no real answers on how Cypress got to host the skiing events, but there’s a reporter working on it.
6) Finds it curious that CanWest is using action images from Getty Images instead of the stuff their own shooters are supplying. That said, Getty ARE the gold standard for event photographers.
7) “There’s magic in the air,” my shooter pal Karl said after we had grooved for over an hour to Quebecois jazz/hip-hop band Misteur Valaire last night in Whistler. This band was BEYOND good; their multimedia show must be seen to be believed.
8) Cannot even begin to keep up with the steady media streaming on Reuters, Christian Science Monitor, NYTimes, Guardian UK, Sydney Morning Herald, it just goes on and on… This is the 24/7 news cycle that is beyond intense…
9) CBC gave a shout out to Ross Rebagliati’s snowboard medal, but I never heard it mentioned on CTV.
10) Though I had a checked history with the Canadian Tourism Commission, I have to give ‘em props for commissioning Shane Koyczan and his fabulous spoken word piece during the Opening Ceremonies. Too bad I haven’t seen any reference to it in the media…
11) I’ll likely watch more hockey games in the next ten days than in the next five years. I just hope it’s exciting, wide open, and doesn’t ‘go to shoot-out.’
12) Still waiting for the flame to bust out of jail…
13) Paid $9.25 for a beer at the Dublinh Gate yesterday. (A super-silky Kilkenny)… Actually, I think that’s the normal price, if you can believe it!

And finally… I would NOT WANT Renee Smith-Valade’s job for all the money in the world!


2 Responses to “Oly Blog – Whistler, Men’s DH, etc…”

  1. Ulrike Rodrigues Says:

    I trust you’re on The Tyee. They’re giving some good spins on the Olympic$: http://thetyee.ca/Opinion/2010/02/15/MarkYoungArtsCuts/

    Fill Your Opening Ceremony with Arts, then Cut Them — Thanks for the show, artists — now get lost. BC to slash 90 per cent of culture funding.

  2. doug ward Says:

    i thought i paid for your beer at the dublinh gate on monday.

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