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As many of you know, I landed a gig awhile ago with that came to my through SKIER magazine editor/Games hater Leslie Anthony. My role at will be to ‘live blog’ about the freestyle skiing events at Cypress Mountain. Now, I have actually followed live blogging in the past, most notably the soccer ‘blog-casts’ hosted by the Guardian website in the UK. When I’ve thought of blogs previously, I imagined some geek at home with his laptop on watching a sports event on TV and following the play by play and commentary on the screen, and adding his/her 2 cents worth to the live blog as the match unfolds. However, that’s not really what live blogging is all about. Live blogging is sort of like “typewritten radio,” – in other words, you’re at work and you want to find out how the men’s ski cross is going on, so you go to my live blog to get my ‘play by play’. Aside from wondering just how many people actually DO this sort of thing, it also begs the question of ‘live’ versus ‘packaged’ events. As anyone who follows the Games knows, NBC often “packages” Games highlights into the prime time timeslot. Though an effort is made to make these events look ‘live’, quite often they were recorded earlier in the day. Personally, I was under the impression that ‘live streaming’ webcasts were “the future” in terms of offering up content. I’m frankly a bit nervous about it all due to the fact that I’ve watched more than my share of ski races and moguls comps and if you turn down the sound, it’s not always readily apparent who is winning, and why (that’s, uh, what we have commentators for!). “Your role is to be part play by play announcer and color commentator,” the fellow from NBC told our team. Apparently, I’ll be sitting in a tented media area, watching from the stands, and furiously typing as I report on what’s going down. That said, I’m not quite sure if live blogging belongs to the 21st century or to the early days of radio, frankly.


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