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Plug for Guy K’s Alltop News Aggregator site – skiing

May 4, 2009

Well, we’re heavy into Week Two of increasing my social media profile – have spent more time on Facebook than the last  year combined, created a PICASA photo portfolio, have looked into Twitter (and concluded that – like in the 1970s – “Real Men Don’t Twitter”) but also came across the coolest website yet for news aggregation. Of course most of us get Google Alerts in our in-box, but Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop website ‘pulls’ topical headlines from all over the web and puts ’em into one easily digestible place. The number of feeds is pretty impressive – I dunno, I certainly find creating an “Alltop Skiing” link the my browser dashboard helps me stay on top of things. Alas, it’s been another bad week in media-land and I have to admit I wonder where the whole industry will end up. It seems desperate, but the Vancouver Sun had an entire ‘newspaper appreciation issue’ yesterday. Indeed, I had a ‘big media day’ over the weekend, checking out the National Post, the Sun and the Globe. And there certainly were worthwhile stories in each and every one, and ones that I enjoyed reading more than on a computer screen. But… I’m in danger of becoming totally irrelevant in the media world, so what the hell…