Report from TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival

The TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival wound up today, and I attended from Thursday PM until Saturday. Caught the Pro Photographer Showdown, the invite-only “PowWow” by Origin Design (check out my blog post at MediaTent) on that event, the Metric concert on the Kokanee stage and even did some fine skiing’ over on Blackcomb on Saturday. Hard to believe that this is the 13th annual festival – I was invited to the very first one, which I wrote up (and kinda slammed) for Powder magazine in 1996. It truly bloody amazes me that there are so many people that come out for this event at such a late date in the season – truly a testament to the organizers at Watermark and the foresight of the event’s founders like Doug Perry, Skip Taylor, and Don McQuaid. After watching Jordan Manley (check out the guy’s blog) win yet another Pro Photographer Showdown, it’s perfectly obvious to me why the guy wins so consistently – he really ‘gets’ the storytelling concept of a slide show; outstanding images (of course), well-conceived music, and more than that – a flair for storytelling by ensuring that each and every image flows from the one before and leads to the one after. One thing I will say, though – Manley’s vision is pretty dark for such a joyful sport as skiing. I guess he’s spent too much time in the gloom at Whistler and on Vancouver’s North Shore shooting his subjects. I really enjoyed Christian Pondella‘s seggy as well; though I think that the constant  Red Bull logos didn’t work in his favour.


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